Pycon Pune(day 1)

Pycon Pune(day 1)

Hello friends! I am here in Pune, and yes I am going to attend Pycon, an annual conference for Python developers and open source enthusiasts.


Lets talk about Pune first! Pune, which used to be a military base in the time when Britishers used to rule over the city, is no different than that time. Now people’s dream and a continuous will to achieve a goal rules over them. I found Pune a very lively and energetic city. Although if you are a foodie, you may have to struggle for sometime. I found it quiet difficult to get an affordable place to have lunch and dinner. I also have two companions on this trip and we walked for around 2 kms today but didn’t find a single suitable and affordable place to eat.

so if you ever visit Pune, keep these things in mind-

  • Keep home packaged food with you, in case you don’t find an affordable place to eat nearby.
  • A tech hub. If you dream to work for an MNC, the possibilities are you will end up having your office in Pune.
  • Weird names of places. Today we were introduced with names like Mandhwa, Ghorpadi, Tuptani Vatsi etc.
  • Pune is full of amazing skyscrapers. I was totally amazed by their architecture.
  • Pune is a city of huge malls(as compared to Indore). If you are a middle class person like me, you can roam inside the malls for hours.
  • Traffic! You will have to face traffic all the time. Literally, all the time, a lot of people were rushing to reach their destination. Whenever I walked outside of my hotel, I always found traffic.
  • Its a clean city. I saw a man threw garbage on the footpath. Immediately, two citizens scolded him for it. That was something Indorians should learn.


Its really hard to imagine the place where I stand in front of other Python developers who are going to attend the conference with us tomorrow. I am totally a noob in Programming. But I know I will learn a lot in this conference and I am very much excited about the conference.

-Abhay Maniyar


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