Python! Are you there?

Hello there! As I am trying to dig more and more into this programming language, I am finding it difficult to get a central station for all of my python readings. I have tried and read from Codecademy and These are quite useful for a programmer as a beginner in python.

I couldn’t study as much as I should have today because of some reasons. I barely completed around 5 tutorials about several topics including packages in python, string operations and several methods revolving around strings. But after few lessons from the websites I mentioned above, I felt I am not pushing myself to learn and understand python instead I am just learning how to write it, just syntax, how to write if statements, how to write functions in python and so.

To deal with this problem I think I will have to search a place to learn and understand the concepts(not just that all programming languages have in common but also) that which makes python different from other languages like speed of execution of programmes, comparison of memory footprint with other languages.

By the way, its not like I don’t like the mentioned resources, and here are the few other places you can learn python-

  • Official Python Document-

If anyone asks me where to learn about any programming language, the official documents of that particular language is the first thing I suggest them. Official documents of a language are the first hand contact between you and the language and the best thing is if you follow those documents you will be the first to learn about any update in the language.
You can easily google this document.

  • Think Python

As suggested by WordPress user codeinfig, “Think Python” by Allen Downey is a comprehensive book for introduction to Python. He even said it as the best introductory resource for Python beginners. Even a brief overview of the book and it’s examples give you a great insight about Python concepts. You can google search for its free PDF and get started with the material.

  • Codecademy –

Irrespective of what language you are learning, the best thing about codecademy is that you actually learn by doing. Just google it and you will get its website. I highly recommend it for people who want to bring perfection to their python writing skills.


This is also a comprehensive website and gives you a proper insight about the python language concepts with examples.

  • Coursera Python Course-

Coursera provides a great video tutorial package for python. You can take full specialisation if you wish to be a expert in python. Link – “”

  • A YouTube channel

Another great suggestion by codeinfig is this YouTube channel. When codeinfig suggested this channel to me, I went through several videos and I found the videos very to the point. But I prefer reading more than watching tutorials.

-Abhay Maniyar


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