The blog that reminded me of blogging.

The blog that reminded me of blogging.

Hello friends! 😀 🙂

Long time no see. Its amusing how your life is a linked chain of events. One event induces another event. Just like usual days, I woke up late today . There is time slot in my life which comes after the end of my daily morning rituals and before my bath which I call it as “Lazy slot”. I this Lazy slot I aimlessly look at my internet connected phone and surf and read anything that comes on my screen in order to avoid bathing as long as possible. Just like that, today I stumbled upon a LinkedIn article about blogging. It was Vincent Carlos’s Blogpost(must read).  I read it and it reminded me the reason I started blogging.

This article explains how a good habit can shape someone’s daily experiences into life. The habits like running, blogging, reading, practising a musical instruments. Habits like these shape our personality and make us a complete human being. We see a lot of people daily, good and few bad people, successful and lazy people, naive and expert people, and everyone is an living examples of habits. Vincent stated blogging as one of the best career choices that he have made and encouraged me to continue my blogging. Vincent also encouraged to make mistakes as much as we can. This will enrich our learning experience and by this we will make a ever lasting habit of understanding properly and a skill to tackle mistakes and errors gracefully.

The best part about that was, now I don’t care if anyone reads my blogs or not. Now I write for myself and my betterment only. From now on I will write on whatever I feel like and whatever I would like to learn. I like to share my knowledge so I will make the blogs readable to others(in case if anyone reads them).

I will be very happy if a friend of mine start blogging after reading this. This will really inspire me to make it a habit to live with.

-Abhay Maniyar


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