Diwali aur hum!

Diwali aur hum!

Hello friends! First of all a Happy and prosperous Diwali in advance to all of you.

Diwali is approaching.

  • This is the time when whoever you may think of yourself, your mother(with due respect to all mothers) makes you a sweeper.


  • The time when you are kind of an assistant while your mother cooks and cooking is in your blood.


  • The time when you know each and every spider of your home by face and they be like,adifferentvista-friendsbut you throw them out of your home somehow(sorry buddy, Mamma’s orders!).
  • The time when you are being scolded by your mother for the non-sense stuff that you have in your room.


  • The time when you paint your home like a professional painter(with some “out of this world” ideas).


  • The time when you demand for things that you want to buy and your father approves for everything like “Ja beta Jee le apni zindagi”.


  • The time when you shop like there is no tomorrow.


  • The time when every place is decorated with all sorts of lighting.

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  • The time when you make different Rangoli.

I hope this Diwali will bring you health and prosperity. Have a safe and environment friendly Diwali.

Do like this post if you like it. Comment down below if you think I have missed something or you want to interact casually. And most importantly do share. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Diwali aur hum!

  1. And the time when all your relatives and friends meet and enjoy the delicious food that our mom has made…n specially for that we fight also …😂😂😂

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