Chinese chahal-pahal!!

Chinese chahal-pahal!!

Since few days one of the trending topics apart from Kejri’s asking for proof of Surgical strike, is boycott of Chinese products from Indian market. 
From where it all started – On 8 October 2016 Papa village court in Aurangabad, Bihar banned all Chinese goods from being bought or sold in the region in the wake of China’s support of Pakistan on the recent Uri attack. The gram kachahri has also branded China an enemy for its stance on Pakistan(and Kashmir) and passed a consensus-based provision that will see people punished in case they are found violating this order.

This may seem useless but this little step made a difference for sure and you will believe why I am saying this after reading this blog post.

When I started searching about this social media campaign I came to know about few facts that you should also know. This will help you understand our economy and Chinese products better. 

  • About 40-60℅ of products in Indian market are Chinese products. Be it toys, cookware, electronics, fireworks.
  • Chinese products are mostly low on quality. Such as last year, on Diwali, Indian market had been flooded with Chinese crackers containing Sulphur. Sulphur is dangerous than Nitrate used by Indian cracker makers. Their low price attracted lots of buyers which really affected the revenue of the Indian cracker industry.
  • Another industry that has been affected so badly by the Chinese version is the toy industry in India. As per the reports of the ASSOCHAM there are so many Chinese toys in the market that Indian toy industry is finding very hard to survive. In the last 5 years near about 40% of the Indian toy companies have been shut down. Rest 20% are on the verge of closing down. In the last 4-5 years near about 2000 SMEs have been closed down.
  • China has the largest toy market in the world and enjoys 45% of the total share whereas India has a very little part in this and enjoys just 0.51% share.
  • Toy industry is just the tip of the damage that Chinese products do to Indian businesses. 

What this little step caused-

What inspired me to write about this- last night I and my father were going home from our shop. My father likes this paper lantern a lot.

He told me “Is baar diwali pe phatako ki jagah sirf laalten hi laaenge.”, Then suddenly he said “Nahi yaar! China k hote he wo.”. This made me realise, that little step is making a difference. 

I hope this will keep making people aware of such little things that shows that India is not a place where citizens don’t think about their country and its development.


2 thoughts on “Chinese chahal-pahal!!

  1. I m surprised to see that u wrote this blog at the same time u bought a Chinese company phone…😂😂😂
    Just a joke..keep it up, glad to know u blog on current affairs also …


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