Is sleep that important?

Is sleep that important?

Hello friends! Today I am taking this blog post off the Java month posts and I will tell you the reason for this in a bit.

Most of the times in our lives we don’t care about the little things that we have like the food we take, the water we drink, the clothes we wear, the sleep that we take etc. All these little things seem to be very ordinary to us.

As you might have guessed with the heading of this post what this post will be about. I was half way around writing my fifth blog post about Java and even scheduled my post to get posted yesterday but at that day in morning one of my friends asked me “Bhai ! Tu din me kitne ghante sota he? (My friend! How many hours of sleep do you get in a day?)”. I replied him with “Yar 5 ghante maximum. (Maximum 5 hours.)”. This reply of mine made him to shout at me and he advised me to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day otherwise I will be mad or something. “Bhai pagal ho jaega” he said.

This little incident made me to think and research about sleep and sleep deprivation. When I read research papers from different sites I got to know the effects and advantages of sleep to the overall physical and mental health. This was an eye opener to me and I am sure this will change your views about sleep.

Things that I came to know:

While researching about sleep and sleep deprivation I found following facts which made me rethink about my sleeping habits.

  1. More or less we sleep daily. But funny thing is no one still knows why actually we sleep. Yes you can always say “we sleep to not feel sleepy” but that’s not what defines the reasons to sleep.
  2. For about 50 years before 1950s, scientist believed that when we sleep, our body parts just shut down and stops functioning except for our heart and our body is like a paralyzed body in sleep. But further studies and researches cleared such misconceptions about sleep.
  3. Then a scientist of University of Chicago(the place where all sleep research take place) hooked his son up to a machine, brain wave machine and he found that when we sleep there were periods where the brain actually sped up its activity which is REM sleep, REM sleep. And this REM is Rapid Eye Moment sleep.
  4. Further they came to know that we see all those colorful dreams and the facial expressions that we make in sleep are all effects of this REM sleep only.
  5. What if we don’t get this REM sleep? When I searched deeply, the things we found were quite scary.
  6. Not getting enough sleep is actually like shortening your life span.
  7. There is a infamous three-week lab rat study. After this study scientist found out that the lab rats that would normally live for three years would die in three weeks without sleep that is 3 weeks without sleep = Death and that’s SCARY.
  8. There is yet another University of Chicago study that basically followed 10 healthy men in their 20s, they were college students and they got four hours of sleep per night and after six days they were in a pre-diabetic state. After six days of just getting four hours of sleep. So, yeah, apparently it can have some pretty bad health effects on you.
  9. The other things that you develop due to sleep deprivation are hypertension, lack of concentration, haziness in vision, laziness, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure; it can make you stupid and students even perform less on test scores if they don’t get enough sleep.
  10. Interesting thing is that if you sleep more that 8-9 hours you get suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

Now, I think when you ask the question “Is sleep that important?” to yourself, you will think about this post. So just think again if you less or more than 7-8 hours of sleep a day.

I hope this article will check your sleeping habits. Do comment and suggest if you think I missed out something to write here.




2 thoughts on “Is sleep that important?

  1. Kyu re jab hum bolte the tb ye dimaag nhi khula apna…btw nice post…aur hum logo k lie b btao Jo limit Se zyada sote h…😂😂😉😉
    Keep it up n post more interesting posts..

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