Job Oriented Java(JoJ).

Job Oriented Java(JoJ).

Dear readers ! Today I’m going to share some job oriented insights that you need to know to get going in your Java experience.

Goals to achieve for JoJ

  • First thing you need to know is that JavaScript and Java are different languages :p.
  • OOP principles (of course): If you have programmed before in Java then you might be well aware of this term and if you are not then make sure you cover following topics to their depth to get placed and making programming your nature.
    1. Data Hiding
    2. Abstraction
    3. Data Encapsulation
    4. Inheritance
    5. Polymorphism(Method overloading, Method overriding)
    6. Method Signature
    7. Constructors
    8. Coupling
    9. Cohesion
  • Best Practices: Most of the programmers have a really bad habit. They don’t follow best practices for whatever programming language they are using. Make sure you don’t be one of them. As soon as our college projects are concerned, we think of them as a burden which makes us sloppy  in writing code and this becomes our habit. Please please please don’t be a sloth when it comes to follow Java best practices like proper indentation, class name conventions, method name conventions, using parenthesis etc. This will help you a lot to grow in the industry as your fellow programmers will get your code easily and increase your productivity.
  • Frameworks: Being a Java programmer, make sure that you know at least one Java framework like Spring, Hibernate or Struts. All these are different frameworks which you can use according to your development interests and needs.
  • Projects:  The fundamental problem which arise when most of the people apply for any Java developer job is that you don’t have any practical knowledge about Java which acts like a big hole to their Resume. Make sure you do enough projects(at least 2) which will reflect your knowledge and practicality in Java. You can do any kind of project. If the software or project about which you think you can do is not unique even then it’s not that your project won’t worth anything. The knowledge that you will get is priceless. Your project should have a proper motive and need. It should solve a particular problem in any particular way. If you don’t have any ideas for projects start with a scientific calculator or visit this to get inspired.
  • Java 8: Java is a ever evolving language due to its vast developers’ community. Java 8 is its latest release and there are some addition to its features like Lambda Expressions and try-with-resources. Make sure you know about this updations and know it well.
  • OCJP certification: Oracle provides Certifications for Java developers and Java Professionals. If you want to stand different from others then make sure you are a Oracle certified Java Professional. There are several versions of this certification exam so its an advantage to have a certificate of the latest one. To know more about the OCJP certification, this is the official page for that.
  • Java APIs: There is a vast collection of APIs available for you through out the web to make your life simpler. All you need to know is how to read the classes, interfaces or methods that you need from that API and trust me, the day you learn this thing you are on a totally new level. This is an art you should perfect to be an outstanding Java programmer. Visit this to see how it feels like to access an API.
  • JDBC: In present computing scenario the most important of all is the data that is flowing through out the web. To manage this data we need databases and to do this along with other tools and services we have an excellent Java tool JDBC. This lets us to access and modify the database using Java language and enables us to us the powers of Java on databases.


If you think I have missed out something worth mentioning here, do provide your suggestions in the comment section as I can add that particular point. You can also suggest me topics to write on whether it is something related technology, programming, passion, personality and meditation or DragonballZ. Anything that you like. Do send your requests and I will try my best to fulfill your request.

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